My Thoughts on Magazine Submissions 2020

Dear Writers,

Last Fall I had a post about magazines accepting submissions. I made it because when I was searching the SFWA Qualifying Market, it was really discouraging how many magazines were closed to submissions (some temporarily, some permanently).  Originally I had planned to update the list quarterly, but 2020 has been such a year for me that this was not practical.

Each time I would receive a rejection, it seemed like I spent a significant amount of time looking for a new place to submit a short story, so I made a list to help with that.

Later, that list seemed like it wasn’t enough when I struggled with the issue of magazines that do not allow simultaneous submissions.  I kept searching online for magazines. Some I would miss the submission window on, some were temporarily closed, and others kept showing up on lists but were permanently closed. It felt like each time I went to submit, I was wasting a lot of time.

I sat down and made an Excel file, which I update every so often, that lists the status of close to 200 magazines that publish speculative fiction in some vein, whether sci-fi, horror, or fantasy. I’ve had to become much more organized this year.

In the near future, time providing, I may give you a list of magazines that I recommend submitting to, but I regret I’m not able to do that today. 

New to magazine submissions? Then this link will take you to something I previously wrote – What the ****? Things Beginners Might Want to Know about Magazine Submissions.


Keep Writing!

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