Looking Back and Forward

Mythology is one of my great loves, and the character of Janus is especially intriguing with his faces looking forward and backwards. Being the month bearing his name, January seems like a perfect time to think about past and future goals.

Statue of Janus Bifrons, in white stone a profile of bearded man  with two identical faces looking forward and backward, displayed in the Vatican Museums, Used courtesy Wikimedia Commons
Statue of Janus Bifrons in the Vatican Museums, Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

A Past Goal. For 2020 one of my goals was to do a Sci-Fi/Fantasy A-Z challenge. I did not reach my goal. Part of this was because early in the year I read other books that were not on the list/outside the genre and I doubled up on a few letters under the assumption that I would have plenty of time. Then came the pandemic, and I moved cross country, and I had a baby after having pregnancy complications.
I am still working towards finishing the A to Z challenge. At this point I’m almost at the end. I’ll be posting about these books in the near future, probably in several batches instead of bombarding you with all 26 titles at once.

Future Goals. For NaNoWriMo, I worked on a new project – Deeper Than Blood – which I’d dreamed up years ago. It looks very different from that original scribbling! I’m coming up on the end of finishing it. At this point it’s about 70k words. It’s an adult contemporary fantasy set on a small island and draws inspiration from Irish Mythology. Slowly but surely I’ll be completing the draft of that book. When I pitched the story to my husband, he found it so confusing that later he sent me this meme. 😂 It’s definitely in progress and I have not narrowed down an elevator pitch for it.

Flow chart reading: How a normal person tells a story - Start of story - end of story. How I tell a story  - pre-story prologue for “context” - start of story-  too many details - semi-related side story - wait, okay, back to the main story -  something I just now remembered - lose train of thought - what was I talking about? - realize I’ve been talking too long - wrap story up and finally get to the point - end of story - apologize

Otherwise, my writing goals for this year include mostly revision and submitting short stories. I have multiple short stories that I drafted but haven’t proof read much less sent off to a magazine. They’ve just been sitting on the back burner.

Also, since we’ve moved … I have only touched games to start unpacking them. We then noticed that they were in a prime location for our curious toddler to access, so my husband relocated them to the top of a closet. This has caused me to realize that I am in fact short since I cannot reach them.
Hopefully, when we settle into more of a rhythm, I’ll be reviewing games again. I have games I’ve taken pictures of that I haven’t gotten around to writing about, beloved games I never got around to, and new games I’m looking forward to playing.

I would love to hear how you’re doing. Please let me know.

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