Author Spotlight – Kayla Hicks

I’m delighted to interview author Kayla Hicks. You may recall me reviewing her books, The Backup Superhero and The Original Superheroes before. (Recap: I love them).

I’m honored to be included in the same anthology as her–The Decagon Key, which is Night Foundry Publishing’s debut anthology. In preparation for the launch of the book, we are exchanging interviews.

I hope you enjoy Kayla’s interview as much as I did. – MR

Now, over to Kayla:

What gave you the idea or inspiration for this short story?
Well, I really enjoyed making my series The Backup Superhero and this short story and this anthology series felt like the perfect addition to it. It allowed me to give readers more of Goffman who seemingly didn’t have a definite ending in the first book of the series.

Are any of the characters in any of your other work?
Yes, all of the characters that appear in this story appear in the other books in the series. Tanser Girl, Dwighter, Seed, Frank, Karper, and of course Goffman.

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?
To not give up. There were two times I almost gave up simply because I was afraid I wasn’t going to be good enough. It’s easy to feel that way when you are unsure how readers will take your work, but the truth is, not every reader is going to like your work.

Who is your favorite character that you have created and why?
This is a very tough question. I would have to say Leena from my Contemporary Romance, Anywhere Else. I say her because I feel as if she is a character that readers can relate to. The reader is able to follow Leena on a journey from rock bottom and see how they evolve and grow as a person. I would have to say that this is a character I haven’t created before and maybe the best one yet.

What is your worst nightmare and does the Night Foundry know about it?
Haha, I’m not telling anyone that one! Especially the Night Foundry.

What’s your favorite genre to write?
I know this is strange to say but I don’t think I’ve chosen a favorite genre yet. I’ve hopped around between a few and I enjoy writing so many.

What Google search scares you the most if your laptop was seized by the police/FBI or Interpol and it is discovered?
I had to research for The Worst Case Heroes what exactly was under New York City. I was looking at pipelines, sewer structures and whatnot. Not exactly non-suspicious searches.

What is the hardest scene you have ever written?
I had to write a scene for Anywhere Else where Leena’s alcoholic mother chases her upstairs attempting to hit her. That one really hit me hard because you need to get it exactly right. The emotion, the action and the fallout. It was extremely difficult.

What’s the best piece of writing you have ever done?
I’m actually not sure.

Where can readers get more of you?
I have some small pieces on Kindle Vella and you can find all my work on

I deeply appreciate Kayla answering these questions.
I hope you check out Kayla’s work. I’ve really enjoyed it. Even though romance isn’t usually my thing, I’m looking forward to reading her upcoming book, Anywhere Else, and her other books. She also has a few courses on writing that I’m looking forward to trying out myself. – MR

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