Look at this old year – a New Year’s Wish for You

A bare tree overlaying an antique clock with snowflakes swirling around.

Look at this old year, for you have vanquished it. It held beauty and imperfection, the like of which cannot be seen again, nor should it be. For the best of times, the worst of times, must not come again. The world is changed since then with old being born anew.

Gaze upon the unborn year, for you shall carve it into the best version of itself. There may be odd grains and burls: character no chisel can obliterate. These new times, best and worst by different measure, will reveal themselves to the artist, you. You shall craft this future within its constraints.

May you do your best with what you are given to form beauty and meaning from this new year.

May you have peace, health, prosperity, and happiness.

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  1. Wishing you the same, and a very lovely, bookish New Year!

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